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Before becoming a Tillamook County Commissioner, I served for eight years as a State Representative until Term Limits, which existed at that time, forced me to leave. Prior to that, I served for eight years as a PUD Director. As a Tillamook County Commissioner completing my twentieth year, I have had the privilege to work with people across the state and the nation to find creative solutions to complex issues. I am a former president of the Association of Oregon Counties; I served on the National Association of Counties (NACo) Board of Directors and was selected to represent the fifteen western states; I was also selected to chair the NACo Public Lands Steering Committee for three years. I represented the entire nation on Public Land issues.

I believe my elective experience will help me to excel as your State Representative in House District 32. I am proud to have the endorsements of State Representatives Debbie Boone and Brad Witt.

If elected, I will hit the ground running. I know the legislative process and most importantly, I have a history of working collaboratively with both Democrats and Republicans to forge solutions that fit our needs and will move Oregon forward.

We face a number of challenges that deserve our attention:

  • Many of our cities and counties are in, or soon will be in, financial crisis due to an outdated state tax structure that was initiated in the mid-1990s through the referendum process.
  • We need to invest more in our children. Child care in Oregon is simply out of reach for many working families.
  • Improving Oregon’s graduation rate must start with more attention given to our children entering school. Reading and nutritional programs will improve learning skills when our children enter the classroom. In order to give our students the attention they need, classroom sizes need to be reduced. We can’t initiate these programs without increased school funding.
  • Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Many families who buy insurance on the Oregon Exchange or through employer-based insurance programs can’t afford to use it due to high co-pays and deductibles.

I hope you will support my effort to serve you again as a member of the Oregon State Legislature as your State Representative for District 32.


Tim Josi