Off Shore Drilling

The Trump administration has plans that would open up 90 percent of the country’s outer continental shelf to oil and gas leasing, including an area off the coast of Oregon and Washington.

Fortunately Oregon and Washington’s outer continental shelf is not considered to be a rich source of offshore fossil fuel. One lease sale was held in 1964 for the Northwest area. Twelve exploratory wells were drilled, with no commercial discoveries. There are no existing leases and there haven’t been any federal lease sales off the California, Oregon or Washington coasts since 1984.

The current Obama era federal plan put 94 percent of the outer continental shelf off limits to oil and gas drilling. Trumps plan amounts to a 180 degree shift in policy and has the potential of being very damaging to our coastal economies including the northwest fishing industry during a time when we need to be developing new sources of energy that are not carbon-based.

We need to work closely with our federal delegation to insure that Trumps outer continental shelf proposed oil and gas leasing policy is not enacted.