Tim Josi is endorsed by:

Representative Brad Witt – Oregon House District 31

Representative Deborah Boone – Oregon House District 32


Oregon Building Trades Council

Oregon Farm Bureau

Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee

NARAL – Pro-Choice Oregon

National Electrical Contractors Association

And by these members of our community:

“As someone in the healthcare field, it is crucial to have an experienced State Representative who understands the healthcare needs and challenges of the people in the rural communities of Oregon.  Commissioner Josi is that experienced candidate and leader.  I have worked with Tim Josi for more than four years in his role as Tillamook County Commissioner.  I have the utmost confidence in Tim.  He is hard working, extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of issues, resourceful and well connected.  He is a respected leader, a consummate professional, a pleasure to work with and he genuinely cares.” -David Butler, Healthcare Professional

“Tim Josi is a champion for healthcare in Tillamook County. He has shared his personal story of health transformation through the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) throughout our county and inspired others to make positive lifestyle changes. Tim is a role model and a leader we can count on to represent our community.” -Heather Thompson, RN

“Tillamook County Commissioner Tim Josi is running for State Representative and I support him. Tim has been a long time member of the Tillamook Anglers non-profit corporation and the Whisky Creek Volunteer Salmon Hatchery. Tim has been a strong supporter of all our natural resources and I know he will continue to fight for what is best for all the people, not just our district, but all of Oregon.” -Jerry Dove, Former Tillamook County Commissioner

“I like that Tim, like me, knows the challenges of starting a small business and keeping it profitable.” Brad Junes, Northwest Propeller Works, Owner

“Tim is committed to learning about the history and solving problems of the Lower Columbia commercial fishing industry.” Eda Lindstrom, Custom Threads, Owner

“It is good to see an elected official that has been deeply involved in the states land and water use planning process.” -Richard Schroeder, Pinehurst

“I’ve worked with Tim and rest assured that he knows and listens to all arguments that lead to positive solutions.” -Dr. Robert Mushen, Retired Clatsop County Commissioner

“Tim was an effective problem solver when he represented Clatsop County – I expect the same when he is elected.” -Gene Stallings, Glasco Glass Co., Owner

“For years, I had a practice in Tillamook and saw Tim working tirelessly for his district to improve their high school graduation rates.” -Dr. Steve Scruggs, Astoria Vision Center, Owner

“Managing our forests’ for long term resource sustainability and for Clatsop Counties economic benefit is Tim’s goal.” -John Nygaard, Warrenton Fiber

“I like that Tim is a strong supporter of attracting corporate and family tourism along with convention center business.” Tye Dawson, Windham Resorts, Manager

“Tim has made a huge effort in understanding our homeless issues and looking for effective solutions.” Alan Evans, Helping Hands, Director

“Tim knows that a thoughtful planning and permitting process will result in sustained economic vitality that contributes to the future of House District 32” Terry Lowenberg, Beach Development, Owner

“Tim’s knowledge of Oregon’s Department of Transportation will be a great benefit to planning roads when dealing with area wide population growth.” -Leslie Palmeri, Walker & Company, Owner

“Being a Clatsop County land owner, it is good to know our state representative has a history of involvement in the writing of property and water use laws.” -Bryan Bickmore, Bickmore Motors

“Tim has a history and an understanding of the airport funding processes when working with the state and the federal aviation admin.” -Ron Larsen, Manager of the Astoria Regional Airport, Retired

“Having processing facilities in both counties, it’s good to know the seafood industry has such a strong supporter of job growth.” -Tim Horgan, Pacific Seafoods Inc.

“Tim has a deep history and commitment to managing forests’ in an environmentally responsible manner.” -Shawn Teevin, Teevin Brothers Timber Co., Owner

“Tim’s background and years of experience in different areas of public service makes him especially well qualified to provide real representation of rural and small community interests.” -Gary Bullard, Former Manzanita Mayor & Retired Attorney

“I support Tim Josi for District 32 State Representative because he has the experience, knowledge and background to be highly effectively in representing the interests of the North Coast in the State Legislature.” -Scott McMullen, Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee

Tim Josi brings an unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge about his community to this race. His public service experience as a county commissioner and a legislator will allow him to hit the ground running as a leader in Salem. Nobody is better prepared to serve and lead the North Coast than Tim Josi.” -Dave Dillon, Ag-PAC, Chair